Saturday, January 14, 2006

My Life With Three Older Sisters: By Jonathan Winslow

" For ye have need of patience, that after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise." Hebrews 10:36.

 name is Jonathan David Winslow and I have the blessing of having three older sisters. Brittany, age 16, and Maddie age 10 and Grace age 9. They like to dress me up as a girl. To the left is a picture of when they did just that. They named me Rosie and brought me to dinner that way. My Dad was rather upset. You see, me and my Dad....we are outnumbered by the girls in our house!!! Pray for us please!!!

Here is a picture of me and my Dad when I first
came home last year. My Dad has to rescue me from
being a living "doll" for my sister's!!!My Dad is so much fun. He plays with me and lets me ride on his back, and spins me in the laundry basket.

Here is another hat they had me wearing as "Rosie"
I look like I'm having fun, but I'm not sure if that's true.
Grace told me to smile, and so that's what I did!!

Here I am after a bath. Grace and Maddie gave me a bath today---1/14/06. Then Grace and Maddie did my hair in these little puffs. We were in the bathroom for a long time. My Mom and Dad had no idea what I was going through in there!! In Haiti, the boys have their hair like this all the time. My Dad didn't like it at all. He says it means my hair is too long!!! I might have to have a hair cut soon!! My mom took this picture because my Dad is making Grace and Maddie take my hair do out before we go anywhere!! My Mom says I'm her cute little boy no matter that's good!! My oldest sister Brittany doesn't usually try and dress me up....she likes me to wear my jeans and flannel shirts just like Dad...and she loves to call me..."buddy".....anyway...I'll keep you all posted about how things go here!!

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