Saturday, January 07, 2006

See How They've Changed!!

This is Grace and Jon when I first met them in Haiti. August 2004. Grace was 8 and Jon was 18 months old and weighed a mere 17 lbs. When Jon (Jhon Kelley St. Germain) was first brought to the orphanage in March of 2004, he was one year old and weighed a mere 9 lbs. He spent several months in the hospital trying to get healthy. When you look at him today, you would never know!! God is sooo good!! Now, almost 34 months old, he is running and jumping, and keeping us very busy!!!

Dapper Jonnie Boy on Christmas Day at Grammie's

Goofy Gracie on Christmas Day

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Thorne Gang said...

What an amazing family. Can't wait to see the changes to come.