Monday, March 20, 2006


"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." III John, 1:4.

We can hardly believe that our little Jonathan David is three!! His first birthday in America!! Yeah!! Here he is with his new outfit from Grammy Linda!! He's excited about it, can't you tell!!

Here is Jon with two of his gifts from Grammy and Grampa...he was scared of the singing and dancing chicken yesterday, but today he gave it a hug with some reservation!!

We went out to eat at the Granite Steak House in Rochester for Jon's birthday!! He loved it!!( of course he loves anything to do with eating!!) We got waited on by our dear friend Nancy Estee!! She's a wonderful waitress!!

Here is Jon decked out in his new outfit from Uncle Sherman and Aunt Brenda and Beth!! Doesn't he look dapper?? Like he might be ready for a round of golf, huh Grampa??

More restaurant scenes!! We had our friend Abby Lambert with us, too! Party of seven!! Jon blew out his first candle!! He did great!!!

This is our money can. We save our change in there and when it's full, we cash it in and go out to eat!! That's what we used yesterday!! We had 59.35 in change!! Cool, huh?? is Jon when he first opened the chicken. He was very scared at first!!! Can you tell??

More gift shots...he loved the train set!! It goes on it's own...he also got his first watch, lots of books, and a Mr. Potato Head. Another shot of the's the gift that keeps on giving!!

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Thorne Gang said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Jon!!! Have a great year. Love, the Thorne's