Wednesday, February 24, 2010 of the first signs of Spring coming....tree tappin' fun!'s official...the trees are all tapped at the Winslow farm! We will have increased syrup production, too, this year. Glenn and the kids asked for permission to tap some of our closest neighbors sugar maples and he said yes! Yippee! I just love this time of year. So now...the prayer is...for days over 40 and nights below freezing and let the sap run!

Glenn and Jon started the tapping on Saturday morning and then Maddie and our friend helped to finish it early Monday morning.

Another Glenn invention is below....It's to help collect the sap. It's some plastic crates and they are mounted to an old pair of cross country skis! You gotta love my hubby....his mind is always at work with some new and improved way to do things!

Of course this post wouldn't be complete without a photo of our gift from great Aunt Frances last year. My uncle Earl's sap stove that he built and welded together 50 years ago! It has totally improved our maple syrup quality! It's all ready to go for another great year! Thank you A. Frances...we love you!

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Tracy said...

Love it! Somehow I lost your blog on my list that I'm following. So glad I found you again. ;-)