Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What do you do with a shorted out crock pot element and a 1/2 bushel of free apples?

Why make applesauce the old fashioned way, of course!

I've been so very blessed by free produce of all kinds from the food ministry that we go to weekly, and an item they have each week is cases of apples. I have kept my family in applesauce during these cold winter months for the last 6 weeks! It's been wonderful. I set out to make some the other day, only to find that my beloved crock pot had finally died. But what about all of those wonderful apples? Well...I threw away the outer metal element of the crock pot, but kept the crock part and the cover and then it dawned on me yesterday....make applesauce on the woodstove!

We have kept a fire going each day, and so the apples have been slowly cooking down on the woodstove since yesterday. They'll be ready for the food mill later on today. It fills the house with a wonderful aroma! It makes me feel a bit like little house on the prairie, too!

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