Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh Happy Day----When Daddy is working at home!

Oh how I love the fruits of when Glenn is working at home! It's such a blessing! There are two wonderful projects that Glenn completed yesterday while at home. One is a closet in the girls room, and the other is a wonderful custom shelf in the living room. Here are some photos! My hubby is what I call a "carpenter genius"...He is truly working in the field that God has greatly gifted him in! He knew since he was a young boy that this is what he wanted to do for work, and God has blessed him greatly! He creates such beautiful things, it never ceases to amaze me! Here are some before and after photos!

What do you get when you have three girls living in one bedroom with a tiny closet? A HUGE mess. After brainstorming about it, Glenn decided a better use of the space would be to eliminate hanging items and go to a custom made cubby system. Each girl will have one row of 5 cubbies to "neatly" fold their clothes and items in. So Glenn set about making the custom cubbies last week and was able to finish them and install them yesterday!


After! Glenn is going to order a door for the cubby closet and cut it down to fit. The girls were super excited!

Isn't is beautiful? We love it! I'll take another photo and post it once they get all of their stuff in there!

The "after shots" are in! Isn't it great! Three girls worth of stuff neatly in their cubbies! Maddie in the middle, Elisha has the left and Grace has the right.

Whoo--Hoo..this makes for a VERY happy Mama!! Yippee!
Now...another question.....
What do you get when you have an opening between the kitchen and living room? A very small shelf that I love to put things on! Like my entire Christmas village! Glenn decided that he'd like to give me a custom oak T-shelf here. I can't wait until next year to put up my village! It's going to be great!

After: Isn't it beautiful? I just love it!

Thank you Glenn! I love you, too! You are the best! Another happy customer of Glenn Winslow---"genius carpenter extraordinaire"!! :) :)

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Tracy said...

Those are both so wonderful! The cubbies...oh, do I love a new space to organize and fill. You must be so excited! The shelf is beautiful. Good place to display artwork and collections while waiting for the Christmas village. :D
Hooray Glenn!!!