Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!--2010

"He gives the childless woman a family,making her a happy mother."Psalm 113:9 New Living Translation

What a joy this day brings to me and my mother's heart. As I prayed and yearned for the expansion of our family last year, I am amazed at how God has answered my prayers this year. What a joy! I am in amazement of our heavenly Father and how He truly wants to give us the desires of our hearts....he truly does! I am so thankful!

Here is a poem I wrote when I was 12 years old. It's still just as true today!
Mother's Day
What is a mother?

Why she is someone whom we share.

To cater to our many needs,

and show us that she cares.

She helps us up when we are down,

and sends us on our way.

She helps us through the toughest times,

and brightens up our day.

Sometimes I stop and wonder.....

Just what would happen if....

Mother's weren't around,

to give that gentle lift.
But then I turn around and see,

my Mother's smiling face.

And I know that she'll never leave,

for that love I can't erase.

It will stay inside my heart,

for as long as I may live,

and remind me as I go through life,

of the love my Mother gives.

So to all of you Mothers who are honored

in this beautiful month of May,

I have one other thing,

that I'd really like to say....

God gives us gifts,

and that means so much,

but far above most others...

One of His greatest gifts to earth is when,

He created Mothers.

Dedicated to my Mom--Linda Meserve--
I love you Mom!----

Share our joy!----Easter 2010 --Winslow Mountain

(our 5 darlings)

Brittany and her husband Chris
who reside in Michigan at New Tribes
Bible Institute.

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