Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Everyone needs an "Uncle Michael"!!!!

We have just had the most wonderful visit from my dear brother Mike. He lives in Hawaii with his wife and son. His business travel brings him to the North East occasionally, and we love it when he combines his trips with some R&R in our home state of NH!

We picked him up at the airport on Friday afternoon last week, and he spent until this morning with us here in Barnstead. He was able to go to church with us on Sunday. This was such a treat! He then is headed to our other brother's home in VT for a few days, and then to our folks home in Freedom for the weekend. We'll see him again on Sunday at our Uncle Bob's burial in Freedom. He'll literally squeeze a ride home with us on Sunday, and spend the night with us, and we'll bring him back to Manchester airport on Monday for his flight to his next business trip to Las Vegas.

He stays in our guest bed in the boys room. Which they LOVE having him there! He's the king of technology, and so the kids loved playing on his I-Pad. He took Jon out to Border's yesterday and then out to lunch, and now he's Jon's..."bestest friend in the whole wide world!"....Grace shed tears when he left today, even though we'll see him in a few short days. She said..."I think he's one of my favorite uncles!"...now mind you, she only has two here in America. He started a read aloud with us all. He read two chapters from The Wind in the Willows. He's an amazing reader! He loves to do all the voices and does an incredible job. He could do it professionally. He bought us our own copy of The Wind in the Willows. He said he'll read another two chapters before he goes, and then it may take him a few years to finish the rest. The kids won't mind waiting a bit! He also read two chapters from Winnie the Pooh, too. The kids said to me..."Mom...you must hear him do the voice of Winnie the Pooh!"...and I did. It was great!

He taught Maddie and Grace how to play cribbage, and we had a cribbage tournament for the past two nights. Grace and I won each time! Wow! He played Trivial Pursuit Steal (a new fast, card game) with Glenn and I each night. No surprise that Mike is the reigning Trivia champion! He had that title when we were kids, too!

Nicole is the president of his fan club now. She just LOVES him! Madelyn is mesmerized by his stories and his read alouds, and Junior, well, he just thinks he's down right cool! Elisha said..."When is Uncle Michael coming again?"....I must admit, I asked him that, too! We hadn't seen him since last August! That's too far apart for visits as far as this big sis is concerned!

He even spent some time jumping on the trampoline with Jonathan and Nicole! Of course they thought he was the greatest thing ever! Hopefully he won't be too sore from that fun time! :) :)

Well Uncle Mike, Hands Down....You're the Best and We love you! Most especially this pyramid of Winslow kiddos and their Mama and Papa, too!

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