Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Sweet Nicole!

What a blessing it has been to have Nicole in our family since February! What fun to celebrate her 6th birthday! Take a look at the photos and you can just feel her joy! She announced:  "This was my best birthday ever!"...A special bonus was having Uncle Michael here during her actual birthday!

The table is set and ready for the birthday girl to awaken!In case you couldn't tell, Nicole's favorite color is purple!

Set with our one set of fine china used by all birthday kiddos!
Here is the birthday girl in her fine dress given to her by Grace!

Let's not forget her birthday tiara!

On the breakfast menu:  Giant chocolate chip pancake, bacon, cherry juice and a taste of coffee! (Hey...the coffee cup is part of the place setting and it has become a birthday tradition to offer a taste of coffee!)
Nicole is loving the coffee!

Here's the whole gang! Including Uncle Mike!
One of Nicole's favorite gifts....her pink scooter! She rides it daily!

Here is her icecream cake! She made it with me! It was yummy!

Make a wish Nicole!

Just had to include this photo of Mike lounging. Maddie was doing his laundry and he needed something to wear so I offered him some jammies of mine. He hadn't worn p.j.'s since childhood! Doesn't he look comfy while enjoying his technology??

Nicole also enjoyed an early birthday party on Mother's Day at Grammie Linda's!

Thank you Grammie for including Nicole!

All in all it was a wonderful birthday for our littlest family gal...Nicole! We love you!

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