Saturday, May 21, 2011

Introducing our newest "kid"----Kendra Mae--Born May 21st 11:00 am--

There's Spring in the air here at the Grace Abounding Farm of the Winslow family. That's our new farm name, and it is so true! The Grace is abounding from our heavenly father! New life is everywhere. In our shed we have 26 baby chicks. They are adorable! Today we welcomed our newest "kid". Born to Sally Mae this morning.

Last time Sally had kids, two years ago, she had triplets. Two boys and one girl. This time it was only one, a girl. Oh soooo cute she is! She looks just like the last girl that Sally had which we named Rosie Mae. We have decided to keep Kendra and and be able to milk her next year! Everyone is soooo excited! The coolest part was that they got to watch Kendra being born. Last time, Sally had her triplets while we were gone for the day.

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Miriam said...

You can't talk about how cute the chicks are and then not post a picture. That's just mean. Makes me want to get the shed ready for chickens and get some.