Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy 15th Birthday Grace---Here at Grace Abounding Farm!

We are so blessed to have Grace as a part of our family. She brings a sparkle and humor that only she can bring. She truly is gracious and kind, and we had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday. We started one day early on Memorial Day with Grampa Dave and Grammie Linda and Aunt Pat in W olfeboro. We started with an icecream at the famous "Bubble", and then on to some gift opening and fellowship down by boats. Thank you Grampa and Grammie!

 The next day was Grace's actual birthday. May 31st. She awoke to a big surprise in the basement! She has always wanted to have a pet bird. She has longed for one. Well...Maddie and Elisha really wanted to make her dream come true. So.....Maddie purchased her a parakeet and Glenn and I bought the cage. We got her down in the basement by asking her to come and pick out her juice for her birthday breakfast and boy was she surprised!

 So...Grace has named him Andre' Leonardo Finch. He resides next to her bed in the girls bedroom. You can just see her excitement.

It was upstairs for her birthday breakfast. Chocolate chip coffee cake, and grape juice and fresh coconut. And of course she must wear the birthday girl crown all day long!

Grace's big day was a busy one! After breakfast we were off to Dover with a group of homeschool friends. Our first stop was at Starbucks so that Grace could have her favorite drink there...Double chocolate Chip Frappacino. (Brittany got her interested in those long ago!) From there we went to  Pizzeria Uno for a homeschool field trip. All of the children got to get a tour of the kitchen, and then make their own pizzas for an early lunch! Everyone had a wonderful time! From there we went to a nearby bowling alley for some fun bowling. We signed up for a kids bowl free summer program and the kids all got to bowl 2 games for free. We even got a tour of how the alley works and see it in action. It was soooo cool!

Nicole got to skip public school for some homeschool fun! Can you tell how excited she was??

 On the menu for supper that night was:
Homemade lasagna
Garlic Bread
French Style Green Beans
Fresh Cherries
and homemade peanutbutter cookies with moosetracks icecream in between and rolled in mini chocolate chips! Yum!

Great Grammie was there for dinner, too. Then the older girls and I were off to girls club at church that night!

Grace had a glorious day and enjoyed every bit of it! Happy Birthday Dear Gracie Girl! We love you soooo much!

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