Saturday, June 11, 2011

A New Tiller...and Boy is Glenn Excited!

Gertrude, Glenn's beloved Sears tractor, now has a new companion. to her, but very used.
We've named the newest addition "Bert" have Gert and Bert!

Here's the story...Glenn has always really liked this tiller attachment at our friends home. He never had the courage to ask if they'd ever want to part with it, until last week. He was at their house helping with some trees they needed taken down, and he finally asked about it. The Dad said..."Oh gee, Glenn...we have NO use for it. It was here when we moved you want it?...take's yours!"...Oh my...Glenn was so excited! He brought it home, started it right up...and was a match made in heaven all the way around!

As for me, I got the benefit of some wonderful tilling in a part of the garden I hadn't planted yet! truly is win/win! Thank you Lord!

Gert and Bert....Aren't they a lovely couple??

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