Saturday, June 11, 2011

You're Invited.....

I found the above lovely invitation on my nightstand earlier this week. What a lovely idea. A tea party while our boys are away for the day. It turned out that today was rainy and rather dismal, but it sure was warm and cozy at our girls tea party! Take a peek inside the Winslow Kitchen and see for yourself:

Our hostess Elisha Winslow worked hard to get things ready!

On the menu:  various herbal teas, homemade cookies, almonds, and fruit and cheese parfaits. Just delightful!
In attendance were some very interesting people for sure!

There was "Lady Cordelia" from Egypt

There was Lady "Gwendolyn Nuseum" from India

And Gwendolyn's daughter little Miss Sara Nuseum.
And of course me...feeling very under dressed and without enough makeup! Sigh....
 Our hostess did a fine job of serving us, and everyone was practicing their "tea party manners"...This was Nicole (I mean Sara's) 1st ever tea party, and she was very excited! When she got her invitation she thought she'd won the lottery! She talked about this all week!

Lady  Cordelia was very well jeweled. These were her "family heirlooms"!

We were entertained with some lovely violin music during the party
 One of the things we learned was how to express to our hostess that we've had enough tea. You simply turn your cup over and place your spoon on top.

It was a lovely afternoon and I'm sure you could tell that everyone had a splendid time! The boys came home just as it was ending! Perfect timing!
Be sure to stop by for a cup of tea here at Grace Abounding Farm anytime! You are always welcome!

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