Friday, July 13, 2012

9 Winslows plus 3 Bennett kiddos equals=====Loads of Fun and Fellowship--Take a peek!

My dear friend Cindy called me up and asked me if I'd be willing to take 3 of her kiddos for her while she got to take a trip to Florida to visit an old friend. I said..."sure!!". So Naomi (age 14) and Lilly (age 9) and Jerry (age 7) came for a visit from Wednesday, June 27th until Tuesday, July 3rd. Everyone really had a great time. Check it out:

Lilly with Rosie---they are "soul sisters" according to Lilly!

Naomi opened her nail salon a few times and we all had beautiful nails! Thank you Naomi!

How do you entertain 10 very active children?? Keep it simple.....catch grasshoppers!

left to right:  Jerry, Nicole, Lilly, and Jon

Seriously the first morning the kids spent hours collecting about 60 grasshoppers! They had so much fun!

Time for a rousing game of Phase 10!

The little kiddos hang out and rest!
Naomi got plum worn out with our schedule!! She took loads of naps!

Our Thursday night meal with the whole gang including Martha!!

On Friday we joined our friends the Lowman family for some bowling fun!

Best buds...Kiara and Nicole!

The boys!

The girls

Edward and Jason...twins separated at birth!

Our littlest bowler!

We took a trip to Connecticut on Saturday for the Anderson family reunion. Glenn's grandmother's family.

Great grammy and Rosie!
The whole gang!

Great Grammy and her only living sibling...Uncle Don!

The whole gang enjoys a meal!

We went to see fireworks on Sunday evening! Rosie's first ever fireworks!

Rosie loved them!

The fireworks were beautiful!

Nicole taught Jerry some of her reading skills and even gave him some of her learn to read books!

On Monday we enjoyed a wonderful day at Lake Wentworth in Wolfeboro. We brought water works...our favorite beach toy! We've had it since Brittany was little! It's always a big huge hit!

The next day on Tuesday, we packed everyone and headed to Manchester airport to pick up Mrs. Bennett from her Florida trip and welcome her home! It was a wonderful time for everyone!

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