Monday, July 23, 2012

Maddie's Birthday Celebration Continued!

As is our custom, we had a birthday celebration in Wolfeboro. We were also celebrating Chris and Brittany's 3rd anniversary!  Like we did for Grace, we started our evening at the Wolfeboro House of Pizza, now called Wolf's, and run by a new owner. She is a wonderful Greek woman named Elainee. We just love her so much! We started our afternoon as a family in Wolfeboro before everyone met us. Madelyn wanted to spend some time walking around the shops in the area. We went to the "penny" candy store, where the "penny" candy was 2 for .25cents! Inflation you know! Then we went to the book store, and then also to the music store. Then we headed to the pizza place and got set up for our crowd of 18 that was going to be dining with us there! We enjoyed 7 pizzas, with some of the favorites being the Hawaiian, and the White pizza. We also enjoyed a lovely Greek salad to go with it!
Attending our pizza birthday bash were:
All of us Winslows (9) total
Jen and Pete (Mary's cousin Pete and his now fiancee' Jen!--Congrats you guys! We are sooo happy for you!), 
Aunt Pat
Uncle Mike and Gabe
Grampa Dave and Grammy Linda
Chris and Brittany and Marlie and "Anna Lee" (to be born in September!)
We had a wonderful time at the pizza place.
Then, we went outside to sit and open gifts and visit, and then on to the Bailey's Bubble for homemade icecream! It was an amazing evening and we were sooooo blessed by the fellowship and fun! Take a peek at the photos:

The birthday "queen" on our way to Wolfeboro!

Three of our beauties n the penny candy store!

Madelyn in the music store!

Our crowd starts to gather at the Wolf!

The whole  gang! All 18 of us!

Grammie Linda and Rosie having some fun!

Our precious granddaughter Marlena!

Auntie Rosie says "Hi" to Marlie her niece! Isn't that cool??

Grampa Dave loves to hang out with Rosie!

Time to open gifts!

Gathered at the Bubble for icecream. There was a HUGE crowd there!

Happy Birthday Madelyn and Happy Anniversary Chris and Brittany! We love you!


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Timber said...

Hello Mary, so glad you posted the link to your blog! Looks like you guys know how to throw a fun birthday party! We wandered the Wolfeboro shops last year and while we were in that cute basement one (Details?), my husband waltzed in and knocked over a display rack and our daughter and I hid and then acted like we didn't know him, haha.

I look forward to checking back frequently:)