Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our First Camping Trip of the year and the Swan/Smith Family reunion!

Last weekend we went up to Rumney Bible Conference for a wonderful all inclusive camping trip called Family Matters. It's a new program offered by Rumney to families. Come in on Friday night, and then leave on Sunday night. They do all of the cooking!! Yeah! They offer a pool and lots of fun family activities, too. It was wonderful! On Saturday we took a road trip to attend my Mom's family reunion in Acton, Maine! It truly was a blessed weekend!

We set up camp and then headed to Plain Jane's Diner for our dinner Friday night. The snacks and then future meals were all provided for us!

We enjoyed a science presentation on Friday evening! Rosie is the favorite to be passed around!

It was beach week at the snack shack and so at breakfast on Saturday, we enjoyed some beach type fun, including some photo shoots!

Edward and Elisha!

Me and Glenn!

Darrell and Louisa!

Joseph and Kiara!

Harmony and Jonathan!

Jonathan and Nicole!

Madelyn and Jason!

A rousing game of shuffleboard followed breakfast!

Then off to the Swan/Smith family reunion where my family was all together for the first time in a long time!!

Cousin Steve and Rosie!

My whole family:  Matt, Miriam, Maggie, Max, and McCoy, Mike and Gabriel, Dad and Mom, and Glenn and our whole gang!

Dad and Mom and their three kiddos!

Dad and Mom and all of the grandchildren (except Brittany!)


Supper in the dining hall at camping on Saturday night!

One of our littlest campers was too tired to eat!

We all enjoyed the swimming pool Saturday evening and again on Sunday! The slide was an all time favorite! Here's Maddie on it!



Madelyn and Nicole!

Campfire fun Saturday night!

Rosie's 1st time camping! Her bed was a laundry basket! She loved it!

Our final day...Sunday...we enjoyed it so much!

Glenn loved the slide, too!

We had a great time camping with our dear friends the Lowmans. Our next big trip will be 8 days at Pawtuckaway starting Labor Day! We'll keep you posted! We may have another trip in August, though. We'll see!

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