Tuesday, August 07, 2012

I love you Mom!

As my Mom draws to the end of her life here on earth, and the beginning of her eternal life, I continue to stand amazed! I'm sitting in bed with her in the hospital right now, and working on my blog. She is sleeping peacefully and that is such a blessing. I think she'd had one of the best night's sleep yet. Her morphine levels are increased and I think she's glad we are all here with her. My brother Mike is asleep in the recliner in Mom's room with us, and Matt and his wife are asleep in the family room down the hall.

Yesterday we were all visiting with her, and she whispered to my Dad , "David, get me my purse, please", and so my Dad got her purse. Then she asked me to take all of the money out of her wallet. She said to me softly through her oxygen mask..."Mary...your brother Matthew and his family have not had a "bubble" experience, and I want you to take them there now, and I'll get some rest while you are gone. "Even in the last days of her life, she's thinking of others. It's amazing to me. So we went to the Bubble, which is our favorite ice cream place in Wolfeboro, and it's been the scene of many celebrations with my Mom over the past years!

It was hard to be there without her for sure, but she was definitely there in spirit!

 Genesis 2:18 says:

"The LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him."
 This has been so true of my Dad and Mom and the last 50 years of their time together. I was reflecting on that yesterday as my Dad and Mom were visiting here at the hospital together and I asked them if I could take this precious picture which truly is worth 1,000 words!

 I love you Mom. I will miss you sooooo much, but I'm sooooo excited that you are going to be in heaven soon!


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Hope Rising Farm said...

Oh Mary...I have tears in my eyes...what a precious picture of your mom and dad's hands together...what a wonderful stress releaser...going to get ice cream at the Bubble! Praying for all of you guys!