Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We Are Family!

This was the song in our hearts when we were visited by the Kangas family over Veteran's Day weekend. This was such a blessing to us! Grace's biological sister Magnalie, was adopted by the Kangas family and they reside in Massachusetts, not very far away! We had the honor of having them come and stay with us for an entire weekend! It was such a blessing! Take a peek!
The beautiful sisters! Grace and Magnalie! Their love for each other shines through!

Our kitchen set up for all of our guests!

See Zita...our new friend from Hong Kong.

Magnalie and Kathy came bearing gifts for everyone! It was so sweet!

Tyler and Kathy...Magnalie's parents.

Magnalie bought Jon and Edward really warm bomber hats!

Saturday morning we had a wonderful clothes folding party now that our dryer was finally fixed!

Kathy brought all of the stuff to make beef tallow candles!

You start with the tallow and cook it down.

This is what the finished candle will look like.

Throughout the weekend we had such a wonderful time of fellowship!

Zita even made time to study for an engineering exam coming up soon!

Time to strain the tallow and pour into the candle molds.

There is candle number one!

Magnalie signing our guest book!

The girls practiced singing. They sang Sanctuary at our church service in our home the following day! It was beautiful!

Rosie loved Magnalie!!

 Thank you Kangas family for blessing us with a wonderful visit! We all are still basking in the joy of such beautiful fellowship!

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