Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We care for the orphans....

November is national adoption month, and we LOVE to celebrate that here! We have 2 homegrown children,
*Brittany--Age 22...married and has had our two beautiful grand babies! Marlena and Annalie!
*Madelyn-Age 17...and joyfully at home!
Then we have 6 awesome adopted children!
Grace and Jon from Haiti--7 years ago!
Edward and Elisha--twins from NH foster children--2 years ago!
Nicole--from NH--our foster daughter adopted this August
Rosalinda--from NH--born drug addicted...adopted in September of this year.
Now, one month ago, we started the process of adopting from Bulgaria. It's soooo exciting to see God leading and providing in such a mighty way! This truly is our mission field...caring for the orphans!!

On Thursday of last week, we went to the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center for NH's adoption celebration. It was such a blessing to us! Our dear friend Lisa Marro who has adopted all 8 of her children, all with special needs, was the key note speaker. She did such a wonderful job! Then after fellowship and wonderful munchies, we all got to explore the discovery center! It's an awesome place! 

Each child got a really sweet bear to love on!

New at the Center last Fall is this awesome full sized fighter plane that was flown by Alan Shepard!

All of the kids LOVED the flight simulator!

The girls LOVED being a weather person!

Nicole and her friend Chantelle are astronauts!

Then last night, we were invited to an open house at the Laconia family court. This court is the next in a cluster of courts to start having foster children attend court hearings and be part of the process. We love our family court, and have spent many an afternoon there for hearings during our foster care, and also for adoptions, too. We LOVE Judge Carrol. He's an amazing man!

Last night he was there, and his clerk, and many other staff. We all got a tour of the courtrooms and also the judge's chambers, too. The kids could ask any questions they wanted, and they even had cake and icecream as well as a really cool mural the kids could draw themselves on. It was a great time of fellowship and the kids all loved it! For us, as licensed foster parents, this court is an important part of our adoption journey! Check it out!

The kids all draw themselves and us on the mural of the courthouse!

Elisha even met up with a former classmate!

Judge Carroll tries to get Rosie to walk to him...no such luck, though!

Lisa explains things to the kids inside the court room!

Here is the finished drawing! Hey...who's that over to the left with a baby in her sling??

So we join with you all in celebrating adoption, and our adoption journey! Blessings to you!


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Timber said...

Love following all your adventures! And so many pics - I usually read through, then go back to the top and click the first one, so that I can look at them all in an enlarged format. Praying about your future adoption - can't wait to see it all unfold!