Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Homeschool Days--Hiram, ME--2013

We were invited to take part in our dear friend's homeschool days in her hometown of Hiram, Maine. It was a day filled with blessings and encouragement for all!

We were asked to have a table there to encourage and educate regarding foster care and adoption. It truly was a win/win for us as we met many folks we were already in the process of adoption or foster care! It was a blessing!

There was a wonderful woman there who spoke to the children on period clothing from the 1800's. Then, the kids got to try on the clothes! They LOVED it!

Our dear friend Amie manned the butter making table. They had an old fashioned portable butter churn, and the kids all got to take a turn several times throughout the day, and then try the butter on some crackers and bread! Yum!

Amie made this beautiful poster. She even found Bible verses about churning butter! Great job Amie! She got an A+ for the day!

Jordan and the Calnan girls are headed to Nicaragua in December on a missions trip. They were there to raise awareness about their trip and they had some fund raising stuff, too! I think they earned over $200.00! Yeah!

Michelle and Daryl Collomy are the ambassadors for Maine Homeschooling in their county, and this is their display board!

The kids LOVED churning the butter!

We attended a talk at the historical society about the fires of 1947. One of the speakers was none other than my Uncle Peter!! He was 7 when the fires took place. He remembers them, and remembers that his Dad disappeared for a week at least!

This woman was 12 when the fires came through. She was able to save her dollie named Linda. That was it. Her whole town of Brownfield was wiped out! She cried when she talked about it that day.

Uncle Peter chatting about the fires.

Sam donning some period attire! Beautiful!


The kids had the best time!

What's wrong Harlow??

The even had blueberry pie eating contests for different age groups!

Elias Edwards was next to Nicole!

Nicole didn't win, but she sure did have fun!

The Edwards were there representing Alert Cadet!

Edward's pie eating contest!

So this was how they fought the fires back in 1947. Filled with water, these fire cans weighed up to 60 pounds! Wow!

Oh the memories...imagine our big family being able to get a Sundae for 15 cents each! Wow! Such a deal!

Rosie catches some "Z's"

Nicole's first sack race!

Jon won his sack race competition! It must be those LONG legs!

Jon and his B.F.F. Michael C., won the wheelbarrow race hands down! Literally for Jon!

The three legged race was well....a different story! Mike and Jon are both sooooo clumsy, they just couldn't get the rhythm at all! It was very funny!

Now Elisha and Dayna won their division for the three legged with NO trouble!!
It was a delightful day of fun and fellowship! God was glorified! Our day ended with some awesome soups for supper at the Collomy home! Thank you dear friends! We loved it!

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like a fun filled day! I was really happy to read about it and see all the fun pictures.