Thursday, July 31, 2014

Just say...."YES"!!

AnDid you ever wonder if God just wants us to say...."Yes"? Like the song goes...we say:

"Yes, Lord yes, to your will and to your way."
"I'll say Yes, Lord yes, I will trust you and obey."
"When your spirit speaks to me, "
"With my whole heart I'll agree!"
"And my answer will be "Yes, Lord, Yes!"

I found myself pondering what it means to say "Yes" to The Lord when He woke me up early, early this morning to pray and talk with Him. 

This adoption process that we have said, "Yes", to, began almost 2 years ago (this coming October) when we said "Yes" to a little boy named Theodore in Bulgaria.

All because Adeye Salem had said, "YES" Lord to her 2 beautiful Bulgarian children and in the process posted some photos of some of the waiting children about to be transferred. If you haven't seen her blog and read her story, please do: . 

God did NOT have Theodore for our family, he just wanted us to say, "YES" and be willing. Next He had us say "Yes" to a little girl named Zoey. Age 6 and only 10 lbs. 

This was our first referral picture of her. "Really God???" we asked..."is this really who you have for us?" And we said..."YES" God also asked us to say..."Yes" to a little boy named Jerry in an orphanage that had been opened for 90 years without any adoptions! A little 9 year old boy no one wanted! And so we said..."Yes" to him, too! 
And so in December of last year we said..."Yes, Lord, Yes" we will go and meet the children and accept the referral of them. And so we did!
We did NOT know that in just a few weeks from this visit, our beloved Zoey would go to live in heaven. And so we now can see that all God wanted was for us to say, "Yes" and trust him and obey!  

Saying "Yes" doesn't mean that we can control how things turn out. That's for sure and for certain. We need to trust that God knows best!! 

You can watch the tribute video that my friend Maya made here:

Now what Lord, now what????
And so....He asked us to say "Yes" to another little girl. What little girl?? We thought it would be one, and then another, and then another...and .....then...God said.."you see, there is this little girl in the same orphanage as Zoey was..."...."oh God...really??? do we really have to go back there?"...and God said..."Yes"...

Know what, see...when God prompts us, we don't have to say..."yes"...we have our free will of course...and we can always say..."no".....

but we said..."yes"...and within a week, we were confirmed to proceed with our little JoyAnna. You see, when we say..."yes" to God, things often click right away!! 
and so...we went forward. We had our court date and our trip was scheduled. Then....we were told that the only way the orphanage would release JoyAnna into our care was if we traveled with a nurse that would help us care for her. "Really??"..."YES"...and so God provided such a nurse in our dear sister in Christ, Sylvia Collomy. You see, she had the summer off, and she had prayed and asked God to "take her out of her comfort zone this summer" and to "do things that only He could accomplish" and so she got a call asking if she'd be willing to come with us. In 2 hours God provided the money for another person to travel with us! And...Sylvia said..."Yes, Lord!"....
And what an amazing blessing she has been to us. What an encouragement and a prayer warrior! What a caregiver for Jerry and JoyAnna! She said..."YES", and came. Have her nursing skills been needed..."no, not really"...but what was needed is that she said..."Yes".

Saying, "Yes" to Jerry and JoyAnna has not been an easy road...but as the song goes....We need to say.."Yes, Lord", and then "Trust Him and Obey"'s really that simple! And you know what??? I wouldn't want it ANY other way!

When I see Jerry and JoyAnna together, I know that these are the blessings that come from saying...."Yes"....."LORD, YES"

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