Sunday, July 27, 2014

We are in Bulgaria picking up our children!!

Howdy...I'm sooooo sorry not to have posted to my blog sooner. When I logged on, it was all in Bulgarian and I could NOT for the life of me figure out how to get it back to English! I've been praying as I'd much rather be blogging. I am! I figured it out with God's help! Yay!

We arrived here late July 23rd, after being stuck in Frankfurt Germany for many hours and much expense!! UGH....Glenn and Grace went with our beloved Yavor and picked up Jerry, and Sylvia (our nurse0 and I went with Marty and Dani to pick up JoyAnna. We've all been back together in Sofia since Friday evening! It's now Sunday night and what a blessing we have had with each other!

Jerry is doing awesome! He is HIGH energy, but easily channeled and soooooo sweet and loving! I truly wish you all could have been here when he met his sister for the first time. He LOVED her and LOVED her and is still showing her unconditional love! He lovingly nick named her Vicki! This has stuck! It's short for victorious, and that she is!

JoyAnna has made HUGE progress in the few days with us! Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers:

1.  Jerry is 10 and the size of a 5 or 6 year old, but super smart, and NO health problems!
2.  JoyAnna is 7 and spent most of her life in a crib (bald spot on the back of her beautiful head to prove it!) She eats by mouth, and has movement of her arms and legs, but can not yet walk at all, or even crawl. She can roll over, though. She has the biggest eyes I've ever seen and long eye lashes and she loves to take everything in! She laughs and cries, but does not talk at all. She is in for a long haul with many therapies in her future! Her diagnosis is hemolytic anemia. She has had her spleen removed. Her feet are very mis shapen and deformed. It appears she has had some sort of surgery on her ankles at some point. Not sure why. Praying it wasn't to encourage immobility. She truly is a big JOY!! She is very amiable, and loves being in the sun light! I promise to keep you posted!! 

Now to figure out how to post photos in my bog from my i-pad?? i truly am challenged!! 

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Nicole said...

wonderful news ! Looking forward to hear more and see pictures ! :)