Saturday, July 05, 2014


Oh my.....oh my....oh my.....oh wow!!! We thought this day may NEVER come, but it FINALLY has, in GOD'S perfect timing, too!!! Thank you Jesus! Thank you!!!

Here is the note that we just got from our U.S. contact:

Hi Mary,
   Toni is ready to schedule your travel dates. The court decree has been picked up, so these are scheduled far enough out to allow the birth certificate to be completed.
Toni is requesting that at least 2 adults travel on your trip and one of them really needs to be a doctor or a nurse for JoyAnna. Toni is making sure that after the birth certificate is obtained, JoyAnna's new civil ID number is entered into the system so that she is covered under Bulgarian health insurance, since it is highly likely that she will need to be hospitalized during your pick up trip. So, I need to know if you have found a doctor or nurse to travel with you. If not, we know of a nurse who has said that she could likely travel with you if needed. Just let me know. 
Here are the trip details:
Leave the US on July 22nd to arrive in Sofia on July 23rd.
On July 24th, one adult will travel to Ruse while the 2nd adult (or 2 adults, if both parents and a doctor/nurse comes) will travel to Stara Zagora. Both children will be picked up on the 25th and brought back to Sofia. You will have the weekend in Sofia. On Monday, the 28th, passports will be applied for. Wednesday, the 30th will be picking up the passports and having the medical exams. The visa interview at the embassy will be Monday, August 4th and the visas can be picked up late afternoon on the 5th. You will fly home with the children on August 6th. 

Please make sure that when you book your tickets, you get flights with the best option for changing dates, just in case there is a medical complication with JoyAnna. We are all praying that things go smoothly during your pick up trip and you can get her home without a hospital stay in Sofia. But, since we know that it is possible, we need to ensure that you are prepared for that possibility. 

Let me know if you have any questions. Please also let me know as soon as possible if these dates are OK and who will be traveling. we are trying hard here at Grace Abounding Farm to take a deep breath, and to pray, and to trust God!!

What does this mean for us? It means that we will be needing to pay for an extra adult's travels as well as lodging and food. Our already VERY tight budget has now been exceeded greatly! We have also seen that air travel has increased from our budgeted amount, too!!  We know that God knows ALL of this. We trust Him!!!! Would you join us in praying for God's will with ALL of these details?? We know that our heavenly father who owns the cattle on 1,000 hills will provide for ALL of this!!! We know that God has prepared us and everyone for such a time as this! We are filled with HOPE and JOY that can only come from the Lord!!!

So......just wanted you all to know, and also to pray! Do you feel called to give?? Please see our family support page on Reece's rainbow. Here is the link:   We have figured out that we are going to need another $3,000.00 to pay for our nurse's expenses.  We think that we will need another $2,000.00 for our added travel expenses as well. We would need our family support page to read:  $27,830.00 to be fully funded!  Let's stand back and watch our Heavenly Father provide!!!!

By the way...since getting this earth shaking email about travel dates this morning, God has already provided contact with a nurse who is a sister in law of dear folks at our church! Truly, truly, truly, God is good!! ALL the time!! ALL the time...GOD IS GOOD!!!  We PROMISE to keep you ALL posted!!!


Nicole said...

I have been looking three times and I can see over 28 000 dollars... ???
Are you already fully funned???

Winslow Gang said...

Hi Nicole! YES!!! ALL of that money came in on Saturday! It was a totally miracle from the Lord!!! Amazing!!!! Thank you Jesus!!

Nicole said...

It's heart warming to read about miracles ! ;)
Now we will pray for a safe journey, specialy with the children.

( I only saw your article today, monday afternoon in France)

Kimberly said...

Yeah!! Now we will pray for travels! :)

Ruth Gossner said...

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord :-) (was on vacation so just now seeing this) It's encouraging to see how He provides, even if I'm not in the same stage of life as you.
Looking forward to hearing more of His work as you travel.