Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Birthday Surprise for Maddie! Monday, of our camping trip, I secretly packed up overnight stuff and we had the kids get in the car and we headed out. We blindfolded Maddie so that she couldn't tell where we were going. We headed to North Conway where we proceeded to check in at the Adventure Suites hotel. What a place! There are over 18 rooms, all with their own themes. Check it out!: We stayed in Show Time. We had a full sized movie screen right in the room with surround sound and our own movie popcorn maker. We had choices of over 1,500 movies to play in our room. Maddie was sooooo excited! She chose:
1. The Secret Garden (we had never seen the movie)
2. Alvin and the Chipmunks--The Squeakwel
3. The Tooth Fairy
There were leather couches and chairs that all made into beds where we watched the movies. We added the birthday package, so there were balloons and a nice gift waiting for Maddie when we checked into our room. There was even a comfy bathrobe for each of us! Everyone was sooooo excited! So we checked in and watched The Secret Garden and enjoyed some popcorn! Then we grilled our own supper, and enjoyed a birthday cake from the hotel, too. After supper we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. Elisha and Grace watched part of it from the heart shaped jacuzzi tub! Oh my! Then it was tucked into bed!

In the morning we headed to the 50's diner for our breakfast. It was make your own waffles, and other yummy items. We brought our breakfast back to our room and watched The Tooth Fairy. That was super funny. Before we check out we toured two other rooms. The Cave and The Tree House.

Then we spent the day in North Conway touring around the shops and doing some shopping. That was great. We enjoyed our dessert first at Ben and Jerry's icecream, and then had our lunch on the way back to the campground! What a wonderful time we all had celebrating Maddie's birthday! We love you Maddie!

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