Sunday, August 01, 2010

Happy 15th Birthday Maddie Dear!

Well...we just can't believe Maddie is 15! We had so much fun celebrating her birthday this year. We decided to reserve a much coveted camping spot at the Freedom Acres Campground run by the Meserve family. Have you ever heard of it? No?? Well...that might be because there is only one campsite, and we were lucky enough to claim it!

We found the owners to be quite hospitable, and the wildlife to be quite sly in their stealing of our goods! We signed up for the birthday package there and were delighted with the indoor accomodations. Take a peek!

We were able to prepare and eat all of our meals indoors with the owners, and I think they were quite delighted as they don't cook much! For her birthday breakfast she ordered big chocolate chip pancakes with sausage. She chose to eat her lunch at loon lake right down the road from our campsite. She chose Subway subs for her lunch, and Bobby Sue's homemade icecream for her dessert. For her birthday dinner she chose tortellini soup with garlic bread and great grammy's fudge cake recipe for dessert! Yum! Here are some more shots from the lake.

Needless to say, we had the best time! What a wonderful birthday celebration!

Bobby Sue's homemade icecream is a family favorite! No birthday camping celebration would be complete with out a jacuzzi bath, followed by watching Anne of Green Gables on TV! Wow!

Of course no celebration would be complete without a full fledged case of the sillies! These are some water frisbees that Grammy Linda got to use at the lake and well...they turned into quite the fashion show!

Glenn and the kids took the boat and went on a couple of fishing trips which were great fun. To date there is no winner of the 2010 2nd annual Winslow fishing derby.

Nothin' like some good ole harmonica playin' by the
"camp fire"
We say "camp fire" because the fire code at this
campground was a bit strict, so we had to build our own campfire ring. Glenn and Grampa got creative and went to the dump and procured this beauty pictured below for free! It worked great! It's there at our site awaiting our next trip!

This wasJunior and Elisha's first time camping with us. They LOVED the freedom acres campground so much, that they asked us to book it for their birthday weekend in August! Great idea guys!

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