Saturday, August 28, 2010

Question for You!????????????????????????

What do:
  1. Whoopie Goldberg
  2. Abraham
  3. Walrus
  4. Cat Dog Pig
  5. Betty Grable
  6. Sam Osgood
  7. Mr. Berger
  8. Heather Meserve
  9. Johnnie B. Coop....and
  10. Lee Cowan
Have in common???


Such an assortment of people and things......


Give up??

These are all of the names used in our fun and exciting game of "All in the Family" This is a game where you pick a name...made up or real...and you put it on a piece of paper. All of the papers go in a bowl and the "reader"...(who was me)...reads them all twice.  The reader is does not write down a name.  Next people have to try and guess if someone is a particular name they heard. The key is to remember the names that were read. If you guess a person correctly, they become a part of your "family" and you get to guess again, if you guess incorrectly, that person gets to guess and so it goes on. It really is a very fun game to play, and doesn't require anything other than imagination and good listening and remembering skills. The last one to be guessed is the winner.

So it turns out:
  1. Whoopie Goldberg----was Glenn
  2. Abraham----was Grampa Dave
  3. Walrus----was Elisha
  4. Cat Dog Pig----was Miriam
  5. Betty Grable----was Matt
  6. Sam Osgood---was Jonathan
  7. Mr. Berger----was Junior
  8. Heather Meserve-----was Madelyn
  9. Johnnie B. Coop....was Grammie
  10. Lee Cowan----was Grace 
And the winner was.....Matthew as Betty Grable! Go figure!
The most over guessed one...was Grammie....people just liked Johnnie B. Coop, I guess!

Anyway....a fun time was had by all!

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