Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The "Way To Eat" Cafe

Have you ever continued to go back to a restaurant time and time again because the waitress was just so wonderful?? Well...we have here at the Winslow Homestead. The name of the restaurant is: The "Way to Eat" Cafe. It's just wonderful! The food is super and the service is just great! However, what keeps us going back week after week is our waitress. We dedicate this blog post to might know her...but then may have never met her. You may come to the cafe a stranger but you will definitely leave a friend and a regular client of "Nolie", the best waitress on greater N. Barnstead Road! :) :)

On the menu that night at the cafe it was: steak and cheese wraps and some nice steamed green beans from the garden.

Here is our beloved "Nolie" in her street clothes pictured below. Maybe now you'll recognize her.

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