Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More of our Wonderful Vacation At Pawtuckaway State Park!!

We were so blessed by our time camping. Blessings were abounding for sure! We enjoyed God's beautiful creation, and the sweet fellowship of other believers! Take a peek!

This is our stop at McDonald's during the hurricane!

More beach time scenes! Sooooo nice!

The first of many boat trips to the "honey hole!" Glenn's favorite fishing spot on Pawtuckaway!

Edward took photos of a blue heron that was at our campsite at night!

One of our first camping dinners...chili with corn bread cooked in the dutch oven!

We love camping games!

Grace tries on my old lady glasses!'s cream at our camp site! Courtesy of our lovely propane freezer!! I must of the highlights of my camping trip was our propane fridge and freezer! We did not need coolers and having to keep them full of ice! It was such a blessing! Not to mention the treats we could have!!

My dutch oven in action! Did you know that you use charcoal briquettes for the heat? It's a wonderful thing!

On this particular morning I made a German pancake in the dutch oven! Yum!

Kiara was soooo proud of the fish she "caught" was actually already dead on the fishing line when she found it! She kept it around for a day or so and then it disappeared. A nice meal for a critter I suspect!

The blue bucket is a toy called water works. We got it when Brittany was a little girl. It's about 20 years old. It's basically plumbing pipes connected together however the child would like and you fill the bucket with water, pull out the plug and let the fun begin! The kids LOVED it! There are several tubes that have holes in them so it creates a shower effect!

Maddie and Grace enjoying kayaking!

We enjoyed many pot luck meals with the Lowman family!

This is a grouping of rocks off the shore of our private beach that the kids LOVED swimming out to and jumping off from! It was sooooo much fun!

Our kiddos had SOOOOO much fun with the Lowmans!Here is Nicole and Mike!

Brandon and Jon are best buds!
It's soooo nice to see my hubby relaxing! He works soooo hard!

We love the game Phase 10. We got the Masters edition just for our camping trip and enjoyed many fun rounds of it!

Nicole learned to kayak!

Madelyn enjoyed learning to play the dulcimer. She's quite good at it now!
Grace made biscuits in the dutch oven......

That she turned into strawberry shortcakes! Yum!

Rosie LOVES to be upside down!

More ice cream fun!

Jason and Edward....great friends!

Another fishing trip to the honey hole included Mr. Lowman!

Michaela (the Lowman's oldest daughter) stopped by for a visit--Kiara and Nicole loved sitting with her!

On Friday we took a wonderful hike called the Fundy trail. We walked a total of 6 miles!

Rosie enjoyed the ride in the back pack on Grace's back!

Here is the whole gang of kiddos!

Oh our Jonny...he's ALWAYS in motion! Maybe even when he's sleeping! To have his energy! Look at those legs....YIKES!!

We enjoyed a fun snack and rest at the boat launch!

We enjoyed an icecream at the end of the hike! Thank you Mr. Lowman!

Madelyn worked on her newspaper one evening and Glenn and I had a Scrabble tournament! I won!

On Saturday morning, Louisa and I enjoyed an early morning kayak trip. It was wonderful!

Last year Nicole learned to ride her bike at Pawtuckaway. This year she wouldn't slow down! There is a wonderful culdesac that we can see all around for the kids to ride on!

This is wonderful Harmony after enjoying her's and many other peoples hot chocolate!

On Saturday night we celebrated mine and Glenn's 24 year anniversary by heading to our favorite Mexican restaurant in Raymond...Gordo's. It was so much fun! There were 22 of us!
My cousin Pete and his fiance' Jen joined us for the evening, too! Jen brought a wonderful Red Velvet cake for dessert!

We enjoyed another dutch oven German Pancake! Yum!

On Sunday, our final full day at the camp ground, Glenn took two groups out for the annual Winslow fishing derby! This was the first group! No fish!

This was the second, Glenn, Edward and Jon.
And you are looking at the current 2012 Winslow fishing derby winner so far!! With an 8" small mouth bass! Wow!!!! Now the year isn't over we'll see!

We enjoyed taco lentils and rice on our final night of camping!

Our whole crowd!

We LOVE you Rosie!

We enjoyed a final game night!!
We love site # 47!!!! We all voted to book it again for the same time next year! have to book it one year in advance!

Pack up day...our final breakfast!!

We enjoyed lunch at Epsom McDonalds on the way home!

Monday, our pack up day was also our actual anniversary! 24 candles...equals 24 years of wedded bliss!

Grace and Elisha and Madelyn made a triple peanut butter cake for us to enjoy with our dinner that evening! Thank you girls! It was wonderful!
So....we had an amazing time camping this year! We grew closer together and thoroughly enjoyed each other as a family!! Thank you Lord!! It was truly a gift from You!!!

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