Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Camping at Pawtuckaway....A Rainy first full day!

So we are at Pawtuckaway State Park in Raymond where it's back to nature...no hookups at all! So...how am I posting on my blog you ask??? Well...It's our first full day, and it's raining really hard. We headed to a Weight Watcher meeting in Epping, and decided to go to McDonald's for a nice hot breakfast and Wi-Fi!! Yeah!! Okay...so you are probably wondering why I would go to McDonald's after going to Weight Watchers???? Hmmmm...well...with the Wi-Fi, I was able to find the points plus values of all the breakfasts and make a good choice! Yeah! So....here we are. And Madelyn and Grace say to me..."Mom...you HAVE to post on our blog so that Aria can see how we are doing! She's going to be checking our blog daily!!". So...Aria...this post is for you!!!!! Are you listening???

Here is a photo diary of our first day!! Oh...but first...did you know that God provided us with an amazing new camper? It was totally Him, and sooooo incredible! Our pop-up sold on Craig's list in one day, and this beautiful hard top was put up for sale on our way home from camping last weekend! And in 2 short days...it was a done deal! Good bye sweet pop-up. You've been an amazing camper for us for the last 6 years! And yes...in case you were wondering....we fit 9 people in the old girl! She was purchased by a lovely family from way up in Maine. They are adopting a little baby from China in November! We've been so blessed to meet them!

So..even though the new camper is 28' long...it still needed some renovations in order to sleep us all! This included a  wonderful and super cozy bunk on top of the couch bed for the boys to call home!

Thank you Glenn for all of your hard work on this!
Rosie is snug as a bug!!

Well...a bit of a worried looking bug for sure!

So we arrived at Pawtuckaway to our water front site...that we totally love! The best part was our big camper fit in the snug spot on the site! We are soooo excited about our awning, too!

Glenn found this wonderful Coleman kitchen sink at our dump! We brought it for Nicole to play kitchen on our little private beach! Oh yes...and Elisha LOVES it, too!

Check out our own private beach!

Edward enjoyed some kayaking!

Campfire buddies!

 Madelyn broke out the dulcimer and we all enjoyed that!

Kiara LOVES Elisha!

Sorry Mike...Grace couldn't see you so she guessed where you were!

Shot from inside the camper this morning! We are so thankful for it!

The kids enjoy the lego table under the awning!
 Okay Aria...that's probably our one and only update! We'll see! It's supposed to rain 2" tomorrow so we may be back!!!



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