Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September Is A Birthday Bonanza For Us!

Glenn and I both celebrate a birthday in September, in fact they are one day apart from each other! Mine was yesterday and Glenn's is today! We always have fun celebrating. This year, the children out did themselves with our birthday celebrations!

 On the menu for me yesterday:
German pancake with fresh syrup
Canadian Bacon
Grape juice
turkey sandwiches
cheddar bunnies
apple slices
Stuffed acorn squash
brown rice
popcorn treats!

It was a wonderful day of celebrating! I didn't have to lift a finger! Can you imagine?? Wow!!!
My dear family added 4 more charms to my Pandora style bracelet, too! Yeah!! Glenn had gotten me 2 for our anniversary, and so now it's getting quite full, and I just love it!

Thank you my dear family for a wonderful day!

Today is Glenn's special day! On the menu for him:
Poached eggs on toast with Canadian Bacon
Grape Juice
Lunch:  (eaten at work)--all his favorites!!
Chicken casserole
Cranberry sauce
Glazed Carrots
Great Grammie's chocolate cake with fudge frosting (Glenn's fave!)

On the way for him as a gift.....
An AK47 air soft gun, bb's, quick loader, mask, and battery charger!!!

SSSssshhhhhhhhhh,'s top secret! It's shipped, which is really good!

I'll post more photos of Glenn's day later on!


Here are some photos from Glenn's birthday dinner. It was a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday #1 Dad!!!
And tonight (Sunday) we ended our week of birthday celebrations by meeting at the Bubble and then heading to Dunkin Donuts for a hot beverage as it's a bit chilly outside! Grampa Dave met us at the Bubble and we had our icecream and then we headed over Dunkins and met Jen and Pete there. That was really cool! Thank you Grampa!! We love you!!!

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