Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Glenn Has Caught the Air Soft Fever! BIG TIME!

So....Glenn's birthday package came yesterday. Only one week later than his birthday. It's kinda fun to spread the celebration out a bit. We like to do that! He was soooooo excited! He got an AK47 automatic electric air soft gun, some bb's, a quick loader, a smart charger and a mesh mask. (The mask doesn't fit over his glasses, though, so that has to be returned.) Anyway....he opened  it after supper, and we all got to try it out! I must say...It's pretty awesome!

Happy Belated Birthday my dear hubby! Do you need some Tylenol for that "fever"?? Maybe!! 

Here are a couple more pics on the evening that they actually did an mini air soft war in the back yard! They had so much fun!

Good clean fun for sure! A bit painful for some...but still very fun! 

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