Sunday, October 14, 2012

We had 45 people here for church today!

We hadn't been able to host church at Grace Abounding Farm for the months of August and September. One month due to illness and the other due to camping. So we were soooo excited to host church today! We have it here the 2nd Sunday of every month!

We had 45 people join us, and oh what a glorious day we had! It was amazing! We even had seats left over! We love it how God does that! He stretches our home so much, and there is always a place for everyone! 

We studied how we should be as Christians in these perilous political times. We looked in depth at the Lord's prayer and all that it can teach us about how we are to live our lives right now. We looked at examples in scripture of others that have gone on before us!

We shared a wonderful meal together and enjoyed hours of fellowship...young and old!

We don't have a large home. We get that question all the time from people who see how many children we have, and who hear that we have church at our house. "Nope" we tell them..."We live in a small cape.". 

People can't believe it, but being God's house, He stretches it to meet His needs! We just love it when He does that!

It was a glorious day.

Thank you Lord!

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