Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Theodore means God's gift!

Just had to share...The name Theodore has been growing on all of us as we continue to pray for God's will for this little guy. We had thought that if Theodore came home, we'd change his name to Malachi, which is a wonderful name. The other day my husband said..."I really like the name Theodore and I think we should keep it!"......I wasn't so sure, but just started to pray about it.

When someone wrote to me today they called him Theo, and I really liked that. So it was starting to grow on me. Then....I decided to look up the meaning of his name. It means...Gift from God in the Greek.

Humbled I announced to everyone here...."If we are matched with Theodore, his name will remain Theodore!" He truly will be God's gift to us!

Thank you Lord!


The Winslow Family of 10 said...

I am so excited to bring Theo home!!!!! God's gift to our family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love him so much already!!!!!!!!!

Matt said...

I am excited too! Especially in my field, I constantly see people judged by their disability rather than their many abilities. Bless you for viewing Theo as a gift. Very excited to have a new nephew:). We'll send some money when we can.

suzyg said...

Still praying for you and Theo daily here in Texas...