Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Really Cool Story of Maddie's Mandolin

God truly hears our prayers!
Madelyn had been praying for a mandolin for about a year or so now. We diligently searched Craig's list and responded to many posts, but couldn't seem to find one that suited her and was in her price range. Her budget was $75.00.

So...imagine our surprise and delight when at the end of September, she located a post on Craig's list for a mandolin for $40.00! We thought for SURE it would be gone, as it had been posted in August! However, the woman wrote right back and said it was still available! It also was a wonderful thing that it was located in a town right on the way to VT where Madelyn and Grace were headed the next day with my brother Mike to visit my other brother Matt and his family!

So they arrived to look at the Mandolin and it was beautiful! It is a ROGUE ACOUSTIC MANDOLIN, and it was in mint condition. It had been her son's and he was gone from the home and she decided to down size some of his musical instruments.

So...Madelyn's prayers were answered and she is now making a joyful noise unto the Lord with her mandolin along with her many other musical instruments and voice and such! Thank you Lord!

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