Friday, June 28, 2013

God says..."Go into ALL the nations"...and they did! Meet our friends!

Yesterday we had the awesome pleasure of spending the afternoon with our dear friends in the Lord, the Henderson Family. Phil, Elin, Callie, and Elias. They are New Tribes Missionaries to Mozambique, Africa. They are home for another year on an extended furlough, and were in NH these next two weeks visiting with churches and friends. What a blessing that we got to spend that whole time with them! Glenn took the day off, and Martha came over and so did Brittany and our beautiful grand daughters, too!

Here is a recent family photo of the Hendersons while on their visit to Florida!

Jon and Elias! Jon reminded Elias exactly of his best friend in the tribe in Africa named Nametu?? (spelling) It was sooo cool!

Callie and Nicole hit it off greatly!

Grace enjoyed reading to Marlie! Marlie loved it, too!

Brittany and Annie enjoying the chatting around the table!

Phil explained to us some of the hardest parts of being a missionary in Africa!

special time for Maddie and Annie!

Some photos in the tribe!

an older family photo!

sweet fellowship!

What an amazing blessing it was to us! Thank you Lord! And Thank you Henderson family for obeying God in this way!

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Christine said...

Mozambique is an interesting country. I have thought of doing short-term mission work there. I was reading up on Iris Ministries there. The Holy Spirit does seem to be moving there a lot among people since there have been big mass conversions of people in recent years.