Monday, June 03, 2013

My Tupperware Dream Come True! :) :) :)

Romans 1:8
... I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you ...

Two weeks ago, a friend from church's sister emailed me and said..."You don't know me, but I feel like I know you. My sister has told me all about you and your precious family."  "I am a tupperware dealer, and God has put you on my heart to bless you, and give you some of my surplus tupperware. What would you like, and what do you need, etc!" "I'd like to come and bring a car load of it to you!" I made a list of the things I've always wanted, but couldn't afford. She and her sister came over last week for a visit and look what she blessed me with! Wow!!! What a gift!

Look at it all! It was amazing! There was soooo much stuff (I have much of it stacked inside each other for the photo), that I was able to bring a tote bag of it to my daughter Brittany and bless her with some, too! 

Thank you Alice! You are such a blessing to us! Norma, too!

Ruth 1:8
... May the Lord reward you for your kindness ... 

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R said...

What a wonderful surprise!