Saturday, June 01, 2013

Happy 17th Birthday Beautiful Grace!!

Yesterday we celebrated Grace's 17th birthday! What a blessing it was! She is becoming such a beautiful young lady, inside and out! We love you Grace and pray God's blessings on your up and coming year!

Good morning Grace! She sees her birthday decorations for the first time!

 On the menu for breakfast:
Belgian waffles--sausage patties--fresh fruit--greek yogurt--cranberry juice--and starbucks hot chocolate! Yum!

 We were so blessed to have Glenn join us for Grace's birthday breakfast before he left for work! Great choices Grace!

 After breakfast, Grace opened her gifts! It was soooo fun!

Grace was sooooo excited to get a Thank You card in the mail yesterday with a Starbucks gift certificate in it! Wow!

 One of Grace's gifts was an MP4 player! She's trying to figure it out here! Loooonnngg story! She'll have to tell you!

Then there was some water balloon fun! It was one of the hottest birthdays on record for Grace!

Grace even got to do some of her favorite things! Playing the piano!
 Then we ended our day meeting up with Grampa at Wolfeboro House of Pizza for supper and then Brittany and her family and Martha and Sybil joined us at the Bubble for icecream! So much yummy fun and fellowship!

What a blessing to see Grampa Dave smiling and laughing!

 Steak and cheese pizza!
 Pepperoni pizza! And we also had a Hawaiian Pizza, too!

 Fun in the park!

 The whole gang!

 Fun photos with the icecream man! A tradition for sure!

What a wonderful day we had all in all! Thank you Lord! Praying you had a blessed day!

Love you lots!


MamaV said...

Those are enormous water balloons! People must have gotten VERY wet!

R said...

That looks like a fun family day! Happy Birthday, Grace. Can't believe she's 17 now! I love the photos.

Hope Rising Farm said...

Happy Birthday Grace...we love you! The Lowmans