Friday, August 23, 2013

A few more praises!

So rejoice with us! We had our physicals today and they went well. We met a new Dr., and we just thought he was wonderful! Have you ever found it hard to find a Dr. that you love?? Well..Dr. Richardson is that Dr. for us! We are switching to him. He was kind, and caring, and very easy to talk with. In fact, he's a family Dr., and we will switch all of the kids over to him, too! Hooray! God answered my prayers regarding this! Thank you Lord! Also, the nurses and tech that took our blood for our blood work were precious, and wanted to know ALL about our adoption. We showed them photos and they were sooooo excited! It was such a blessing! Such amazing attention to details! We are so excited!!!

Also, we all went to the Secretary of State in Concord to have our forms apostilled and the woman who did it, is a born again believer! Oh wow! We had the best time chatting with her. She was wonderful and said she'd pray for us! What???? Church and State together?? Thank you God!!!

So...all but our medical forms are sent out for our dossier to our agency! Yeah! Our medical reports will be done on Monday and sent out that day! Now we wait for our first trip date!

Also...we received this wonderful comment on our blog yesterday:

I have been following many families' adoption blogs ever since I spend a semester volunteering in an orphanage for special needs children in Chile. I would LOVE to help you raise funds for your adoption!
I just launched my etsy store! 50% of the sale prices go to families adopting through RR! All someone has to do is enter your families name/blog/sponsorship page or child information on the message at check out and I will be donating the money to each family each month!
Spread the message to people! Feel free to share on your FB page/blog.
My blog is:
My store is at:
Any people who purchase from me that don't specify will just be donated to a family I feel called to give to!
Susan Sass

Thank you Susan! So...we will get the word out regarding what she is doing for us and others! Praising the Lord for you!

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Christine said...

I am so glad things are going well. It is good you found a good doctor. I can't wait to find that those two children are home. I hope you can travel soon.