Thursday, November 14, 2013

November is National Adoption Month!

Each year we love to celebrate National Adoption Month with some of our favorite people in Concord! This year it was in the Governor's chambers at the state house. The kids all LOVED going and sitting in her chambers, and best of all, we got to meet NH's governor Maggie Hassan. She is actually quite a lovely woman and was VERY excited to meet us!

 Here the kiddos all wait to be allowed into the chambers. The governor wasn't ready for us yet! We were honored to all sport our orphan t-shirts! They were quite a testimony to the Lord this day!

 Here we are inside the chambers. It's quite ornate! Maddelyn was working so she couldn't join us for the first time in 6 years! Sigh....We visited her after, though!

 Rosie wasn't so sure how to act in the governor's chambers! Oh Miss are sooooo full of energy!!

 Channel 9 was there. They are launching a new initiative with DCYF and going to feature one waiting child per week similar to Massachussett's Wednesday's child. That is soooo exciting!

 Miriam Roeder, a favorite worker of ours was given a special award in honor of her over 40 years of service with DCYF and she's retiring this year!

 This woman gave a special presentation about how she adopted her grand daughter! Such a blessing, and even more of a blessing was that she gave all of the honor and glory to the Lord!!
 Each of these bears (given out to all children yesterday) represent one of my children. The 7 here now, and the 2 coming soon! Thank you Lord!
God was truly glorified at our state house yesterday!! To God be the Glory--Great things He has done!

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