Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Please pray oh faithful prayer warriors!

Please pray for our dear, dear NH adoptive friends in the Lord!! I know you will! Thank you all so much!

"Hello Friends... this is going out to ya'll that know how to storm heavens gates.

As you know our adoptions are on hold due to the a temporary country shut down. (watch "Stuck" on Netflix, yeah. seriously.)
I kindly ask that you storm heavens gates for two big things... the country and our little boy. 

PRAY FOR THE CONGO THIS NOVEMBER. There are representatives from5-6 agency gathering in Kinshasa this month... starting this week and will be there till thanksgiving hoping to work with the government there at finding a way to open the country back up to adoption. Pray Pray pray for this group of people.

In the last few months the little boy (with untreated hydrocephalus: water on the brain) we are seeking to adopt has become much worse... in the last week is worse still. He has had another seizure and requires a lot more help with daily things than sitting up and eating... NOT good. This has become an emergency situation. Please keep M in your prays Lift him up before the Father over the NEXT FEW WEEKS that he can hold on while we get the paperwork in order to bring him here with a Med Visa. If we can get the paperwork in order our agency rep there in the Congo right now will bring him back with her....he will be placed under our guardianship (this is not an adoption) we have surgeons lined up to and ready to put him in an OR as soon as we get him here, to relieve the pressure off his brain.

Our insurance should pick him up since we will be guardians so that is fine. If we can not get it all in order, or the country is slow in processing the Med Visa then we will need to travel to pick him up hopefully no later than December. 

The other yucky part is because the adoption is all on hold we have to leave his sister behind. So pray the country opens soon so that we can finish the adoption of both children and get her here asap to be reunited with her brother.

Committing it all to the Lord. We feel that He has lead us to these children and we known from the beginning that it would be a struggle. There have been many spiritual attacks and our faith has been stretched to what feels like our outer limits, yet we have peace and joy because we know our God. We know He dearly loves these children, there is a plan for them.We also know that He is there with them in the mist of their pain and loneliness. We are humbled that God chose us to be a part of their lives.

Trusting, Praying, and expecting great things... the duty is ours, the outcome is Gods, for our good and His Glory.

Thank you for adding this situation to your prayers.
Joy and Kevin
"God sets the lonely in families" Ps 68 : 6"


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How are you on fundraising? Are you still in need of funds to travel?

The Winslow Family of 10 said...

Hi Beka,
I'm fairly certain the Cozzi family is still in need of funds to travel and we are, too. Not sure who you meant by this comment! Thanks for reading and responding!