Thursday, November 21, 2013

Our Travel Dates!!

This is the email we received from our agency this morning! Rejoice with us! We have our travel date for our first trip to Bulgaria!!!

We finally have the Minister's signature on your referrals, so Toni can schedule your travel dates. Can you travel in December? Toni would like for you to arrive in Sofia on December 8th. Is this possible? Please let me know as quickly as possible. If you can travel then, Toni will schedule the exact dates with the orphanage directors. She is going to attempt to get one of them to approve weekend visits in order to shorten your trip.

Will you please pray for us? 

Thank you!


Maureen Huizinga said...

Congrats!!!! Long time coming, and you all must be so excited!!!

Maureen Huizinga said...

Congrats!!! You must be so excited!!