Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas!! (at our house, anyway!) my kiddos reminded me today.."Mom, it's only 6 days until you leave! Yes, sweetie, I know!" I am trying to check things off from my list of MANY things to do before we leave. One of them was to get totally decorated for Christmas as we will arrive home one week from Christmas.  Glenn had already hung the lights and the wreaths outside many weeks ago. (Yup..we were the first one on our street to do this!--smile) what was left was the inside of the house.

Yesterday we were privileged to have a visit from Nicole's Memere. She helped us put up the Christmas village houses. That was fun. Okay..check...and so today, (Saturday), Glenn and Grace and Elisha had to work this morning. So Jon and I went and got our tree. Yes..we broke tradition, and we bought an already cut tree from our favorite tree farm. Shoved it in our van and headed home!

Take a peek!!

When Rosie went to sleep for her nap, the tree was in the van. Then when she woke up, it was lit up, set up, and twinkllng! She LOVED it!! She even put her own ornaments on the tree, too!

By the way:  Here are a few shots from Thanksgiving. Dinner for 20 was served! It was such a blessing!

Isn't this just precious...Auntie Lishie and Marlie!

Rachel wanted an updated cousins picture! Look at them all!

Then Rachael wanted to recreate a cousins photo from years ago! Here it is!

We are truly blessed! Thank you Lord!

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