Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Adoption Update!

We had a wonderful meeting with the attorney yesterday. We presented her with our family profile, and she absolutely LOVED it! She admitted, though, that because we are a large family, and that could be difficult as a lot of birth mothers like their baby to be the "only" child. We know that God has a plan though, and so we continue to look to Him. He knows who He has in mind for our family. For this we are so thankful.

Margaret, (the attorney), shared with us about 2 birth mothers in Arizona that we may be matched with. Here is some simple info on them so that you can be praying with us.

1.  Birth mother named Tiffany. She knows she is having a girl. The baby will be 100% caucasion. Mom has 3 other kids. 2 of the kids live with the grandparents, and one lives with Tiffany. That child is 1 year old. Birth Dad is unknown. The mom used some drugs during her pregnancy. She hasn't used any since July. She is due to have the baby on January 19th! That's just 5 short weeks away!

2.  Birth mother named Elizabeth.  She doesn't know if she's having a boy or a girl. This baby will be 100% brown skinned! Birth Dad unknown. Elizabeth is due to have her baby on February 27th. That's pretty close by, too!

Both of these babies can be considered hard to place. One due to drug use, and the other due to skin color. Neither of these things bother us one bit!

We left there very encouraged. 

So what do we do now you ask?  

Well...first of all we pray, pray, and continue to pray! Will you join us in praying??

Second of all, we need to get a waiver from the state of NH to have more than 6 children in our home. I don't think that will be a problem from what I am told as this would be a private adoption.

Next, we need to trust the Lord to provide the money needed.

How much is that going to be you ask?? We aren't sure exactly, but somewhere in the vicinity of $15,000.00. That sure does seem insurmountable to Glenn and I, but we know that God will provide it. Glenn enjoyed reading the missionary story about George Mueller. Glenn was amazed at how time and time again, there would be a need, and God would provide, just at the right time! Using just the right people! We are excited to see how God provides and who is called to help!

On another note, please be praying for my cousin and her grandchildren. The grand daughters (3 of them) have been in foster care since July. They are in a wonderful Christian foster home and are doing really well. My cousin wants them to be with us. There are laws in place that allow relatives priority when caring for foster children. However, we are considered "full" with our 6 children under 18. We are checking into the law further to see if there is any leeway in it. We'll keep you posted!

Thank you for your prayers!

We love you all!


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