Friday, December 09, 2011

Praying for 147 people to give $100.00!

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."  Matthew 7:7

Today was an incredible day on our adoption journey.  Starting yesterday, I purposed to pray specifically for 147 people to give $100.00 to pay for our adoption fees. I was inspired to pray this after my Mom led the way by giving us the first $100.00 the day before. God tells us to be specific in our requests and I decided to do just that. And so we prayed.......

Today, we were on a fun family excursion to head ice skating again. We were joined by our dear friends this week. We started our time off by having a quick lunch at McDonald's. (not my favorite place, but fast and convenient for sure!) Where else can all 8 of us eat for 20.00??? we had our lunch. The 14 of us took up a whole section of the restaurant. At the end, I got up and went to refill my cup of water. A man sitting near the drinks said to me..."Are you with a church group?", and I told him we weren't. He then asked me, "Is that your big van out there with all of the Christian fish on it?", I told him it was. He then said..."Wait one minute", and he opened up his wallet and handed me a bill from it. I didn't look to see what it was. He said..."Please take this from me and use it however you would see fit!"...I started to cry as I thanked him for it. 

All this while...Glenn was wondering what in the world was going on over there. He kept a close eye on it. When I got over to our table, I told him and held out the money and saw that it was a $50.00 bill. Glenn said I should go over and tell the man how I had just prayed that morning for our adoption, and I told Glenn that I wouldn't be able to get through it without crying. So Glenn went over. Glenn shook his hand and told him about our adoption and about my prayer. The man told him that he was blessed with some extra money for a job he had done, and felt led to give it to us! A complete stranger, and yet a brother in the Lord! He is pictured with Glenn above!

Thank you dear Lord! We stand amazed! I intend to use our blog as our monument to build for Him during this incredible journey we have just begun one week ago today!

Put together some loose money I had in our adoption fund jar, and now my prayer request is for 146 people!


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