Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Fun and Fellowship!!!

What a lovely day we had at our dear friend's home the Bennett family in Raymond. We created the 1st annual Bennett/Lowman/Winslow gingerbread house making party!

As Ben Bennett said...."This is "sugarlicious!!", and was a sweet, sweet, very sweet time of fellowship!! Did I say....sweet??? Many hands, much candy, lots of laughing, and a wonderful time was had by all! Take a peek!! Pictured here is our humble holiday abode, lovingly made by all 6 of my kiddos, and a little help from Mom!!

The Lowman's Finished Creation!

The Bennet's Finished Creation!

After the creation time...we had a lovely luncheon and then had a fun time of games and fellowship! Thank you Bennett family! We love you!

 20 children, and 3 grown ups equals tons of laughter and fun for all!

We can't forget little "Clifford", too!

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