Sunday, December 04, 2011

Our 2nd Annual Cut Your Christmas Tree and Fellowship Fun with the Lowman and Hunt Families!

Two years ago we found out that our dear friends the Lowman family usually got their real Christmas tree from a parking lot of a store! We told them they should make a day of it and come to our home and we'd go to a wonderful tree farm up the road and do it together and all eat dinner together, too.

So last year they took us up on it, along with many of their family members from as far away as Kittery, Maine, and Deleware! It was so much fun we decided to make it an annual tradition. Last year we had 23 here at Grace Abounding Farm.

This year we were blessed with 21. It was a wonderful time of tree cutting and food galore, and of course we ended the evening with a rousing game of "All in the Family". (of which I as a 1st time champion!) Usually I'm the name reader!

Check out the fun!

It took quite awhile for me to find the "perfect tree"...But here it is!

So my sweetie set about to cut it down!

Then there is the matter of dragging it back to the main house!

Then it goes through the "gift wrapper" to get bundled up!

Sleigh Bells Ring...Are you Listenin'?

Back at home the kids had so much fun reading and enjoying fellowship!

The food was amazing!

Meet beautiful Katelyn! She's so special!

A fun photo shoot by:Grace!

Take a peek at all of the desserts!

The smoochin' Lowmans!

Amidst the noise, Mr. Dave was able to sleep!

We brought the tree into the house this morning!

After church, we added the lights. Tomorrow will come  the ornaments. Nicole is just a little bit excited!

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