Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rosalinda's 1st Tea Party!

Last Sunday after church, the ladies had their bi-monthly tea party. It's truly such a lovely time. All the girlies of all ages were invited, and so of course Rosie came, too! She was truly a hit with everyone! It was a wonderful afternoon of fellowship, cucumber sandwiches, and your favorite tea. What could be better??? The men and boys were all having a fun time with their thing, and were rewarded with lots of icecream! Yeah!

Here are some photos of our fun afternoon!

This is the sweetest thing. Aaralyn Edwards LOVES Rosie! She can't get enough of her! She loves that Rosie has a binky, too! It's soooo cute!

Elias Edwards is very excited about Rosie, too! He loves on her whenever he can as well!

Emma got to hold Rosie, and it was great!

This was Dayna's first time meeting Rosie!

Aimee is a newlywed, and can't wait to have  babies !

Gerry just loved Rosie!

Norma enjoyed holding her, too!

Taylor met her for the first time as well!
 A wonderful time was had by all, and Rosie was certainly a focal point for everyone! She slept good that night, that's for sure!

By the way....Pssssst....she's been sleeping 8 hours at a stretch! yup...that's's such a HUGE blessing! She's been sleeping from 9:30---5:30 am! This is such an answer to prayer. I get up with her at 5:30 and feed her and she's back to bed by 5:50 or so for about 3 hours. I work out, get everything ready for the morning, we have our family Bible and prayer time together, and get Nicole on the bus, and many other things! Wow! Thank you Lord!


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