Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Duty----Our most coveted job around here these days!

We have a peg board chore chart that we use for daily chores. One of the chores that rotates daily is "baby duty". It had been retired since Paxton had left over a year ago. Well...now it's been dusted off, and put back into the daily chores routine much to everyone's delight!

It rotates through the children each day. Some of the kids are soooo excited, that they have figured out that they have baby duty on certain days into the year, like their birthdays and such! It's cute! The duties include, feeding, cuddling, playing, organizing, changing diapers (for the older ones), carrying the diaper bag or the baby when we are going places, and many other things. It's a fun job, and it sure is a big help to me!

Jon has the magic touch!

Sunday was Nicole's first time having baby duty! Can you see her joy? She was sooooo excited! She did a great job!

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