Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ask and it shall be given!

I just LOVE how God answers prayers...big and little! He truly wants to give us the desires of our heart, when our hearts are turned toward Him! Well...as we are trying to get back on our daily schedule, one of the things that is going to be tricky are the notebooks that Glenn fills out for the children each day in the early morning. This is also the time that Glenn has chosen for helping out with Rosalinda, and feeding her, etc. He wondered how he'd be able to do that, and fill in the notebooks for the children. So I prayed for a baby swing. I felt that if we had a swing, Glenn could feed her, and then put her in the swing while he filled in the notebooks for everyone!

The next day, I was at the dog kennel picking up Levi. (He goes there Sunday to Monday on the days we have church at our house). The kennel is run by a lovely Christian woman named Debbie. We love her so much! She had been following our adoption journey, and had even waived the fees for Levi to help with our adoption costs! As I was giving her a photo of Rosie, and telling her all about our miracle,  out of the blue she asks me..."Hey...do you need a swing by any chance?"....she had a swing for her granddaughter at her home, and didn't need it anymore! I couldn't believe it! It was the next day after I prayed! Wow! God is soooo good! Not only did she come out with a swing, she also gave us an infant chair that vibrates, and then a bouncy seat she can grow into in another few months! Wow! God gifted us in abundance! I was amazed! Thank you Lord! We came home and Rosie has already put them to good use!

Rosie LOVES the swing. It has toys that move around, and if we are so inclined, it also has music that it will play!

Here is the baby seat!

The seat has a vibrating feature, and this is Rosie right after I turned on the vibration! She was a bit shocked!

It actually lulled her to sleep, though, so that was so nice!

Just had to include a couple more sling photos! She loves it in there, too, and so do I!

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