Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's a Wrap!

Good morning,
It's hard to believe that Rosie has been here with us for one week today! Wow! It's been an amazing week, and everyone has adjusted really well. Rosie is doing great, and is sleeping for one 5 hour and then one 4 hour segment at night with a 1/2 hour bottle break around 1:30 in the morning! This has been really nice!

Have you ever heard of a Maya wrap? Here is a photo of one:
 It's basically a fabric wrap that is set up using 2 metal rings. I had made a sling for myself to use with Rosie last week before she came. That works really well, and I love it! I had never seen a Maya wrap before, but I had heard of them. My friend Louisa had just purchased one from Craig's list and was using it with her little Harmony (age 2) at the snow day we went to. Harmony loved it! She carried her on her hip and up close to her body a good part of the day. It was really neat.

Since the sling I made only really works well until about age 1 or so, I decided to look into the Maya as a wrap that I could then use when Rosie outgrew my homemade one. I found this one on Craig's list for a really reasonable price.

 In researching the Maya wrap a bit before buying this one, I learned that they work well for newborns up to a child that weighs 35 lbs! Wow...this is really neat!

So I met the woman yesterday and bought the wrap. It even came with a DVD to show how to best use it. It is a bit different than my homemade sling. Working together with my girls, we figured out how to use it.

I have Rosie asleep in it right now as I'm working on the computer! She LOVES it! So that is why I say...."It's a wrap!" It's so wonderful to "wear" your baby! I just love it!  It's also super cool to be "hands free!", too!

 Just had to add these up close photos I took!

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